Website of the Week – Oxford Owl

Each week we will recommend a website that will enhance learning at home. These are websites we have used ourselves and hope that you will find them useful as well.

This week’s website is all about finding ways to help your child out with their reading or their maths. Oxford Owl is a wonderful site filled with great resources. There are over 250 eBooks to choose from and lots of easy to download tips as well as worksheets to work on together at home. Simply click the website and click the Home link. Enjoy!!


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It was a wonderful surprise to see the school covered in a blanket (albeit as thin as a sheet) of gorgeous snow. For safety reasons we managed to keep the children indoors as the melting snow can be treacherous! However – some children managed to get very creative in a very short period of time and Olafs were appearing all over the school grounds first thing this morning! Enjoy the weekend everyone!!

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Read Anything Anytime Anywhere

Read Anything Anytime Anywhere is a wonderful initiative to get children reading.

Last year fifty-One primary schools in Offaly took part in the newly formatted Read Anything, Anytime, Anywhere programme. This programme ran for 8 weeks starting on Tuesday 20th January.  Instead of the number of books read, the class teachers committed to a set time for reading every day.  The options were 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes.

In the 51 schools, 5,292 children read for 3,487,905 minutes.  This works out to be  – 346 weeks & 3 hours and 45miutes or an equivalent to 9,688 school days dedicated to reading and literacy.  The average daily reading per student was 16 minutes.

Ms. Murray’s class is one of the many classes here taking part in the project and they are already enjoying the project wholeheartedly. They created their own bookmarks and chose interesting books to read.

Best Attendance!

The students of Ms. Curtin’s class were the recent winners of Best Attendance. They celebrated with a much deserved cup of hot chocolate – the perfect reward to warm up those cold bones on these very chilly days. What a great way to start the year! Well done Ms. Curtin’s Class!!

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all a wonderful new year. Delighted to see everyone back after a lovely Christmas. Be sure to wrap up well as it’s bitterly cold out there. Exciting things to come this year – be sure to watch this space!


Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas holidays are finally here and the children are all bursting with excitement!!! Before I flood this blog with photos from the Christmas performances and pictures of the stunning art adorning the walls (and doors) of the school let me first thank you. Thank you for your support this term – please be sure to follow and share the blog and Facebook page with everyone! It is a wonderful opportunity to stay connected and get a glimpse into your child’s school day in Scoil Mhuire. Merry Christmas!!!

Festive Cheer at Tullamore Food Market

It may not be a school day, but our girls turned out for yet another fantastic performance and did the school extremely proud. This time the location was the Tullamore Food Market in Kilcruttin  Business Park and the girls worked very hard not to be distracted by the delicious smells and yummy food that surrounded them. They were handsomely rewarded for their beautiful singing with plenty of tasty treats. Thank you to all the parents who brought their children along – the performance was very much appreciated by the venders and seasonal shoppers alike.

Santa Claus the Movie!

3rd Class and Ms. Tannian’s class went to Tullamore Library and discovered a lot more than just books on their journey. The Library presented a very special showing of Santa Claus the movie and the girls were completely enthralled. Everyone is now most definitely in the spirit of Christmas! Thank you Tullamore Library.

2nd Class Creations!

The girls of 2nd class were given the keys to the kingdom, aka access to the art supplies cupboard during the week. They were then instructed to let their imagination take over in order decorate the walls of the classroom with some festive cheer! Oh my goodness the creativity was fabulous – just take a look at what some of the class came up with.

Busy Bees in Rang a 3

3rd class seem to be having a little too much fun with maths these days! This week is all about 3D shapes and the girls are getting creative with the task at hand. As well as maths, of course, they are filling the classroom with book reviews, art and stories from Ancient Egypt. Take a look at our photos!


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