The Three Little PIgs

Ms. Curtain’s class was very busy this week building houses for The Three Little Pigs. The end result is now proudly displayed for everyone to see. Thank you also to Ms. Doheny for all your help!

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John Mighton’s Visit

Third class had the opportunity of a lifetime this week when they were given a masterclass in maths from the master himself. Dr. John Mighton is a mathematician, author, and playwright. He founded JUMP Math as a charity in 2001 to enhance potential by encouraging an understanding and love of math in students and educators. JUMP Math produces evidence-based classroom math programs that are used by about 140,000 students including the students of Scoil Mhuire. If you would like to get some more information on JUMP maths check out

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Food Dudes, Science Week and a Hungry Caterpillar!!

Scoil Mhuire is a hive of activity on a daily basis – but this week has certainly been exceptional. I am not sure how much your child has told you about all the goings on so perhaps a few photos will illustrate just how much they are doing. We are still in the midst of Science Week and we were fortunate enough to have two scientists come and give a fantastic display of experiments. Classes also took trips to the library for more experimental fun. Then of course your child is going home with great prizes for taking part in Food Dudes whilst Ms. Ryan’s Senior Infants are reading all about the Hungry Caterpillar! Busy?? Absolutely! Fun learning? Without a doubt!!!

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Christmas Shoebox Appeal

The generous students of Scoil Mhuire opened their hearts and filled shoeboxes to the brim with generous gifts for children around the world whom they have never met. Since Team Hope’s Christmas Shoebox appeal began, over three million children in twenty four countries have received a shoebox gift. The recipients of these special gifts are children who are the victims of war, disease or poverty. They are living on the fringes of society, in some of the poorest countries in the world. We are very proud of our own students who put together these shoeboxes to spread some joy into the hearts of children they have never met. Well done to you all and a special thank you to Ms. Daly for organsing this worthwhile cause.

A collection of Shoeboxes ready to wing their way around the world!!

A collection of Shoeboxes ready to wing their way around the world!!

Science Week

It is Science Week and our future Einstein’s are getting in on the act with exciting experiments and plenty of activities. Be warned however – your baking powder and vinegar are no longer safe as they are now vital ingredients for exploding volcanoes and hovering balloons. There are so many wonderful events to pop along to and it is a fantastic eye opener for children (and the adults will be blown away as well!). Mind, Body, Universe takes place on Friday the 13th, or you can potter along to the Ecology Walk at Lake Boora Parklands on Saturday 14th. You can even go Star-Gazing on Clara Bog on Saturday night. Have a look at their website for further details. There are also some wonderful photos of our very own students on the webpage!

The Midlands Science Festival.

The Midlands Science Festival.

Super Science Trip to Tullamore College

In conjunction with Science Week, 6th Class girls had an incredible trip to Tullamore College with the transition year students. They were very well informed about the variety of experiments and the presenters were great with the girls. It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Thank you Tullamore College for a fabulous day.

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A Busy crew in Mr. Dillon’s!

Just like all the other classes in the school, Mr. Dillon’s First Class has been very busy since September. Here is a brief look at all the wonderful things going on – from fishing with magnets to making their own pumpkins – there is no doubt that everyone is having plenty of fun whilst learning.

Maths trails.

Maths trails.

Planning our experiment

Catch of the day??!

Catch of the day??!



Going fishing.

Going fishing.

Pumpkins looking really well.

Pumpkins looking really well.

Pumpkins beginning the take shape.

Pumpkins beginning the take shape.

Getting the pumpkin just right.

Getting the pumpkin just right.

Putting on the finishing touches.

Students and Staff making headlines!

Scoil Mhuire hit the headlines today in scary fashion. The Tullamore Tribune included some wonderful photos of our adventures on the Witch Walk last Friday. In case any of you are lucky enough to be away on holidays and missing some local news this week- we figured we should keep you up to date and post the spread in today’s paper for you!

Students and staff hitting the headlines in today's paper.

Students and staff hitting the headlines in today’s paper.

Witches, Art and Maths!

As day one of the holidays draws to a close we are using this time to update the blog with more wonderful photos from the past few weeks in Scoil Mhuire. Before the holidays Third Class was busy creating beautiful art to fill the halls and they also took part in Maths Week. Stay tuned for more updates and please remain safe and well during this Midterm Break.

Ready to roll for this Witch Walk

         Ready to roll for the Witch Walk

Beautiful art filling the halls.

               Beautiful art filling the halls.

Deck the halls with lots of leaves....!

Deck the halls with lots of leaves….!

Windows of questions.

Windows of questions.

Nothing beats a bit of team work to solve a problem.

Snakes and Ladders Scoil Mhuire style.

Witch Walk

Every year this event is met with excitement  – not only from the children in Scoil Mhuire, but for the town of Tullamore. This year proved to be even better than previous years, between the spectacular costumes and the generous donations it is a day that we will never forget. Here is just a sample of some of the amazing costumes.


Tough work carrying your own head around the town.


Princesses, witches and vampires hanging out at the park.


Very smart looking scary people!


Having plenty of fun on the walk.


The Mario Brothers on hand for the Witch Walk.


Clowning around on the Witch Walk


Scary bunch of walkers!


Beautiful day for a stroll in the park.


Interesting dinner menu!

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