Read Anything Anytime Anywhere

Read Anything Anytime Anywhere is a wonderful initiative to get children reading.

Last year fifty-One primary schools in Offaly took part in the newly formatted Read Anything, Anytime, Anywhere programme. This programme ran for 8 weeks starting on Tuesday 20th January.  Instead of the number of books read, the class teachers committed to a set time for reading every day.  The options were 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes.

In the 51 schools, 5,292 children read for 3,487,905 minutes.  This works out to be  – 346 weeks & 3 hours and 45miutes or an equivalent to 9,688 school days dedicated to reading and literacy.  The average daily reading per student was 16 minutes.

Ms. Murray’s class is one of the many classes here taking part in the project and they are already enjoying the project wholeheartedly. They created their own bookmarks and chose interesting books to read.

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