Green Schools

As you know, the Green Team is one of the busiest groups in school, working very hard to ensure that our planet’s future is in safe hands. The Green Team is so busy that this page is dedicated to logging all the times that the team has contributed to the blog – in short – many many times!! Thank you Green Team.

Current Team Members are:

  • Representing 6th Class – Sophia, Gomo, Hannah, Laura, Katie, Julia, Dominika, Aaliyah and Ellie.
  • Representing 5th Class – Katie, Megan, Elsa, Kayleigh, Ola, Fayeza, Pola, Julita, Areebah and Kemi.
  • Representing 4th Class – Clodagh, Sinéad, Wura, Isabel, Nicola, Hannah, Laura and  Natalia.
  • Representing 3rd Class – Saoirse, Zuzanna and Emily.

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