Meeting Michael D. Higgins

****Breaking news from reporter Leah Gallagher****

On Tuesday 31st of May Emma Finlay and I (Leah Gallagher) along with teachers Ms. McCormack and Ms. Mahon went up to the Mansion House in Dublin to the launch of Global Citizenship Schools Project held by the I.N.T.O.

There were only twenty five schools invited out of all of Ireland on this special day. When we got there, a few students from around Ireland spoke about what was going on in their schools to promote Global Citizenship. They recited a few poems and made some speeches.

Then we all stood up to welcome President Michael D. Higgins, his wife Sabina and the President of the I.N.T.O. Then President Michael D. Higgins spoke for a while. When it was all over we shook his hand and got a photo taken with him.

Afterwards we had a small treat and headed back home on the train. It was a brilliant day!

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