Websites worth exploring!

Many of the classes throughout the school are doing projects on a variety of topics. As we all know – even the adults can get a little distracted whilst researching for material on line. Here are a few sites which will hopefully be of some use to you in narrowing the search down!logo

DK Findout (
is a lovely site filled with age appropriate facts, quizzes and videos that everyone will enjoy. There is a Parent section within the site that comes in handy if you are getting Maths questions or Geography questions that you may not be prepared for!!

Have you always wished to explore the world? Go to the Van Gogh Museum or even Scott’s hut in the Antarctic?? The Google Cultural Institute is a hidden gem in the midst of a myriad of sites where you can take over 2,600 virtual tours of famous landmarks from the comfort of your own home at only the price of a good wifi! The children love this website and follow it up with Google Treks to explore Gombe National Park and the narrow streets of Venice. We hope these sites help narrow the research down!


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