Maths Week!

Hurricane Ophelia may have disrupted our plans last week, but she didn’t stop the students from taking part and enjoying Maths Week again this year! Here is a glimpse across the school of everyone taking part in Maths Trail. There will be more photos next week from the Math Quiz and the remaining Maths Trails. If you wish try out some maths games of your own go to Maths Week for some great ideas!

Mr. Walsh. Mr. Dillon’s and Ms. O’Sullivan’s 1st classes went on a hunt for maths around the school.

Ms. Mahony’s 2nd class were busy searching and counting objects around the room, finding shapes, measuring and practicing their quarter and half turns.

Ms. Daly’s 3rd class took their trail outside and collected data!


Ms. Murray’s 6th class girls went on a Maths Trail around the school. The girls followed a trail of questions and clues on their mathematical excursion!


Ms. Mahon’s class braved the late autumn chill and took to the yard on their mission to find some math clues!

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