Bullying Awareness Week

It’s Bullying Awareness Week here in Scoil Mhuire and our students are arming themselves with all the knowledge they need to ensure that our school continues to be a safe and happy haven for all who are fortunate enough to attend here. Each day the students will learn a different aspect of bullying and become more aware of the negative impact which bullying can have on someone. The students are also learning how NOT to be bystanders and to alert a grown up or a teacher should they know of someone who is being bullied.webwise

As our young people get more involved in social media, http://www.webwise.ie has all the information you need regarding Snapchat, Minecraft, Pokémon Go, Facebook and more. The site’s How to Guides are especially informative for those who are not familiar with security settings on these sites.  It is important that we put safety measures in place to create a safe on line environment for those in our care.

Expect poetry, posters and more from our talented, caring pupils throughout the week.


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