World Book Day!

To celebrate World Book Day the students have each been given a a book token compliments of the the organisers of  World Book Day. In collaboration with many book shops around the country you can exchange your token for a World Book Day book of your choosing. This wonderful initiative to encourage children (an adults) to read more and lose themselves in the magic of a great story, is now in it’s 20th year.

The students here got into the swing of World Book Day as the girls in 6th class dressed up as a charachter from their favourite book. We will let you see if you know who is portraying a certain villain or hero! The girls then excitedly pottered down to Midland Books to cash in their book token.

Fourth class kindly got into the spirit of World Book Day by reading to junior infants who were enthralled at the wonderful storytelling of these fine readers. Fifth class spent some time reading to very eager Senior Infants. Thank you girls for making this a very memorable day for them. Happy reading everyone!

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