Happy 60th Birthday to Scoil Mhuire!!

Today, 60 years ago, Scoil Mhuire opened it’s doors for the very first time and welcomed an influx of lucky children into it’s, then, state of the art halls. Those very same halls are now on the cusp of an incredible transformation that will see the old merge into the spectacular modern structure that is taking shape in it’s shadow.

But for those of you who were fortunate enough to attend the school – here is a final glimpse of the original building as it looked yesterday evening before it’s doors were shut for this metamorphosis.

One response to “Happy 60th Birthday to Scoil Mhuire!!”

  1. Hope all the lovely old features will be preserved where possible. Remember planting a runner bean seed and having to put the plant on stairway in front of that long window, it grew so tall. Jack and the Beanstalk come to life! Cried when I couldn’t bring it home for Summer holidays. Happy days though!

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